Black colored Wolves Saga looks a Otome Visual unique title released with Rejet in Japan back once again inside 2012.

That PS Vita variation out-of BWS addresses couple games, Bloody Nightmare, inside Last want. That they essentially adhere each comparable tale, apart from what Bloody Nightmare centers their information substantially up to pet faction while withstand wish leans alternative regarding wolves’ POVs. Be sure to furthermore remember this one aesthetic exclusive try ‘Japanese-one particular’ additionally cannot possess an recognized western release.

Browse his or her game’s synopsis here.

This took me personally in person months in order to full this one video game like people can’t kanji (sob!). Fortunately, there was clearly obviously definitely one particular unofficial fansub revealed back in 2016 that was that huge providers, presuming you are love me in which regularly battles in order to comprehend certain kanji phrases. Do not disregard to the give the translators your huge thanks once you are making use of their fansub!

we understand it really is entirely form of your annoying tablet inside ingest, though like this particular completely Rejet game, I don’t think it’ll ever get localized. Rejet is actually *form of* among those companies that don’t including localizing their games thinking more than piracy problems.


Everyone who’s played Duration Cube

Shackles of Amadeus

would definitely instantly uncover black colored Wolves Saga’s similar art design, inside yes! you’ve guessed it ideal! It is carried out-by like illustrator, Kuruyoki. I’m a heavier fan of this artist, so that I have nothing then however entire praises to this girl move. you can expect to see the girl Pixiv profile here.

pleasant truth: Black Wolves Saga’s starting motif, Dear Despair was indeed done with (on your beloved seiyuu) Yuki Kaji, whom furthermore voiced each character, Rath inside of the game. Take Notice inside your great OP monitor using:

Voice Performing

Kishou Taniyama “Guillan Guinor” – Ikki (Amnesia), Ren Tsukimori (Kiniro tiny Corda), Natsuki (Utapri), Gunji (Togainu no Chi), Vince Lugan (Jakou little Lyla)

Miki Shinichirou“Nesso Galland” – Hijikata (Hakuoki), Mr. Buckethead (Completely Wrong Apple Wars), Yuzuki Murakumo (7’scarlet)

Toshiyuki Morikawa “Arles V. Felnoir” – Carla Tsukinami (Diabolik Lovers), Lizaru Shanasa (Jakou little Lyla), Moutoku (Sangoku Rinseki), Rai (Lamento Beyond some form of Void)

Yoshimasa Hosoya “Julian” – Yamato (Psychedelica of that black colored Butterfly), Loki (Kamigami little Asobi), Yukimura Sanada (Ikemen Sengoku), Yusuke Asahina (Brothers Conflict), Kira Rintarou (Kenka Banchou Otome)

Yuki Kaji “Rath Vogart” – Kei Okazaki (Collar x Malice), Kanato (Diabolik Lovers), Finis (Code accept), Souma Kazue (Hakuoki), Kakeru (Norn9)

Hiroyuki Yoshino “Auger von Garibaldi” – Heisuke (Hakuoki), Heishi (Norn9), Sendo Kiyoharu (Vitamin X)

Takahiro Sakurai “Mejojo von Garibaldi” – Ruki Mukami (Diabolik enthusiasts), Alma (mistaken Apple Wars), Astrum (duration Cube), Rui Sagisawa (Nil Admirari)

Akira Ishida “Zara Skeens” – Kent (Amnesia), Kotarou (Starry Sky), Kiryuu (Sangoku Renseki), Kuota (Yunohana Springtime)


I have within express, I happened inside-stay overwhelmed simply by simply just how deeply most regarding your figures get at their roads. we think some form of stories are far much more likely then his or her individual development since being the best character compared to for each romantic partner to on heroine. Truth try to be told, people even discovered that it fun piecing together his or her real individual nature further their biggest goals regardless assuming it’s inherently planning concerning every ideal cause to/otherwise worst change away from events.

Our recommended path invest in is which following:Mejojo — Auger — Julian — Rath — Arles — Guillan — Zara — Nesso.

I’ll you certainly will need to maintain their spoilers to the greatest minimal however here’s the private spoiler advertising towards remind 1 all the in order to read or skim and caution!


  • major inferiority complicated
  • Dom af

Mejojo von Garibaldi was will certainly crown prince from Weblin. Fiona many times defines him because some sort of kingdom’s *superb & amazing prince*. nonetheless, no matter his princely exterior, Mejojo appears quite self-suitable and also/or perhaps single-minded. He goes at a person unhealthy obsession out-of wanting to have each heroine whenever his bride-to-be-in order to-become next may help one to avoid in practically nothing to study it through.

we picked Mejojo’s path first simply because Sakurai voiced him, consequently people trust “on your route oughta become quite”. Boi, had been people entirely completely wrong! LOL

well, still, guide me personally actually towards take that return! (laughs). It’s never which I couldn’t fancy this one route. Regarding the on the other hand, we additionally loved Mejojo’s information towards pieces! This are his relationship utilizing their heroine (in case here had been clearly the best) which I’d one prefer-hate commitment among. Mejojo was most possessive through your get-bring as well as this particular possessiveness was consistent each through out his course. He’s excellent absolute control freak just what had been numerous explained inside typical story whilst towards the reason why in addition apparently expounded many just as a person bring more inside his endings.

we feel such as his “thoughts” to the Fiona just gravitated to the the point it this girl had been that the vessel from one thing he could do not take earlier, inside acquiring the girl is his kind to gratifying their much deeper success. Increased next something, It is when when on your heroine became somewhat his trophy spouse. Simultaneously his great and wrong endings come with no redemption plus people really applaud their writers to portraying him considering is.

quite far like will certainly heroine’s POV, at one point I can actually understand the way this girl thought inside direction to Mejojo. The way Fiona nonetheless grants your trickle concerning wish typically your babe might one particular occasion, alter him whenever actually there quite is not a thing this girl may do. This one can constantly reveal his great damaging, like the best prolonged-duration because this girl stays his possession. It is quite worthwhile how it in some way resembles your violent union interior genuine globe, where their ‘abusee’ tips with herself (or, are to be gaslighted) inside believe in which everything’s fine additionally that life have always been practical to the woman partner (ones abuser) anytime quite that contrary, our definitely is actually maybe not.

Anyway, we fancy ideal problematic personality then Mejojo’s story completely offers does dessert. This particular are quite among my own favorite roads in BWS (laughs). I found your complexity towards his backstory interesting out of individuals trigger that I discovered myself immensely fascinated by just how much substance your character displays.

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