Hannah states she swiftly felt uncomfortable because of the Vlog group customers.

The videos filmed evening that Hannah says she ended up being assaulted follows a classic Dobrik vlog style. It is 4 mins and 20 mere seconds longer and consists of a hollywood cameo and drama images presenting Dobrik’s close friends.

Zeglaitis sounds 2 minutes and 13 seconds in, as outlined by a duplicate of videos reviewed by Insider. “we called these models on to have got a five-some,” according to him, implying that he’ll have sexual intercourse with four ladies at one time. “Hence preferably I am going to have a five-some today.”

Next picture try of Hannah and her associates entering the home on Hollywood and Highland, in which Dobrik, Zeglaitis, and various Vlog Squad members become gathered.

As early as she wandered into the doorway, Hannah claimed, some one thrown a digicam in her own look. She gets one-line of discussion when you look at the video: and just wild while she along with her neighbors relax regarding the table, Hannah are read claiming she doesn’t truly determine exactly who individuals when you look at the Vlog Squad try.

“Receive the bang out!” Vlog group affiliate Nash yells responding as everyone else laughs. In the real world, Hannah claims she missed the banter comical. At one point, she claimed, Nash, mobile pet chat rooms who was 45 at the time, earned a comment like “Oh, you really have a personality? Horny girls like you generally really don’t.”

“I instantly appear truly awkward because I found myself under the impression that people happened to be visiting see these awesome creators, we were going to go out, perhaps flick some thing,” Hannah taught Insider. “It actually was high-pressure as soon as most people wandered in.”

Hannah along with her buddy Sarah, just who caused everyone with the condominium, informed Insider they never intended to posses people love with Zeglaitis that night, a hesitance demonstrated through the vlog. Inside the voiceover, Dobrik claims, “After partners mins of speaking, it absolutely was obvious there was clearly no five-some taking.” But, Dobrik put in, “by some swing of good fortune and do well at bargaining, Dom earned advances.

Hannah assured Insider that this gal noticed pushed by Zeglaitis and different Vlog group people into supporting these people write content material that objectified the woman. She explained Zeglaitis took changes getting Hannah along with her buddies, and that he removed the onto his overlap at one point without wondering authorization.

“It has been quite definitely a place wherein they decided exclaiming ‘no’ was not OK,” Hannah stated. “It felt like as soon as most people come there was clearly an expectation that they happened to be carrying out us all a huge favor therefore we wanted to give them articles. These were verbally, like, ‘What makesn’t you guys getting exciting? Want to do something kind of alluring.'”

Hannah said Zeglaitis began phoning the girl “baby” and requesting the girl if she wanted to be his “Instagram girlfriend.” She claimed Zeglaitis let her know she can certainly make $10,000 a week and become famous if she concluded, but Hannah says she reduced and Zeglaitis temporarily appeared to move on from her.

Like the nights continued, Hannah states Zeglaitis turned hostile

A while later, Hannah mentioned Zeglaitis reached the girl once more and need if he or she could contact this model. She conformed and explained Zeglaitis directed the lady from the place the woman good friends happened to be in, down a hallway, and into a pitch-black bedroom.

Hannah states Zeglaitis “guided” this lady in through doorway, and she stated she easily overturned and advised your that this dish wanted to go back to where the close friends comprise. But Zeglaitis blocked the exit with his muscles, Hannah said, and began requesting them why she did not like him or her and wouldn’t meeting him or her. Hannah believed Zeglaitis requested as long as they could “hook upward.” She answered “No,” she advised Insider.

“he had been, like, ‘No, we at the least need give me a hug,” Hannah believed. “Having been acquiring actually scared since he wasn’t letting me keep, my friends had been in an entirely different a section of the home. I found myself, like, ‘what goes on if I keep saying no?’ and so i simply offered your a kiss.”

She went back to just where the buddies had been resting, she stated, and around this period she stated two people in the Vlog group returned with a bottle of dark-colored liquor.

Trisha Paytas, an old Vlog team member, instructed Insider she was at the home for approximately 45 minutes that nights with Hannah along with her associates. Paytas stated the night time had been “a bad circumstances.” She claimed she put due to the fact people are ingesting while underage, which appear “insane” to the woman. Paytas in addition believed the women managed to get crystal clear these people failed to wish to have group sexual intercourse with Zeglaitis.

“these people were, like, ‘Oh shit: we are here, but we really do not are looking for love-making,'” Paytas stated.

Paytas told Insider that Vlog group associate Jeff Wittek went along to purchase liquor for function after she explained Nash, the lady partner during the time, never to. Paytas explained she and Nash kept before Wittek returned.

Paytas and Nash are not going out with, and she’s got frequently slammed Dobrik and Nash on social media marketing, most notably for just what she says was a sample of activities that exploits ladies. She additionally produced a TikTok proclaiming that she once crashed the vehicles into Nash’s household while high on meth. Dobrik’s fans has questioned Paytas’ trustworthiness, contains by pointing out their reputation of bad content about Dobrik and Nash.

Hannah’s buddy Sarah, that said she didn’t drink in that night because she ended up being travel, assured Insider she recall Todd Black inquiring the students what are the alcoholic drinks customers hoped for. Sarah likewise claimed she remembers Gret and Wittek finding its way back with the house with Mccartney holding a bottle of port Daniel’s whiskey. Sarah provided a photograph with Insider of Zeglaitis resting with Hannah along with her friends alongside a container of Jack Daniel’s and a 2-liter bottle of Pepsi.

In a telephone call with Insider, Wittek rejected buying the alcoholic beverages and said they don’t consider Brown will have bought it either, though they believed Robinson “loves whiskey.”

“In this case, I can’t actually remember a great deal,” Hannah mentioned. “i recently don’t forget getting actually uncomfortable and being in all honesty really disappointed and enraged that my buddies imagined this option had been fantastic and they are really and truly just objectifying and gross.”

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