Past Utah County Commissioner Greg Graves sues commissioners for launching erectile harassment maintain

By Katie The uk every day Herald – | Jun 13, 2019

Former Utah region administrator Greg Graves is suing his own original fellow commissioners for supposed injuries appropriate their own release of reports, contains a sex-related harassment receive and a consequent investigative review against Graves.

For the lawsuit, submitted Tuesday in Utaha€™s 4th section the courtroom, Gravesa€™ states about the erotic harassment allegations had been incorrect, and requires help, including a€?an award of economical injuries becoming demonstrated at demo including non-economic problems and courtroom fees.a€? The comments through defendants has resulted in issues unearthing significant work for Graves, the issue states, and also hurt his interactions together with girlfriend and children.

The lawsuit details both Commissioners Nathan Ivie and expense Lee into the claim, each of whom served the charge with Graves and are also however regarding amount. Graves hype from inside the condition that Ivie and Lee harbored malice toward your since they experienced most constitutional disagreements and they a€?did in contrast to the plaintiff.a€?

The lawsuit furthermore names the feminine Utah region worker just who recorded the erotic harassment promise against Graves. It will be the regular Heralda€™s article policy never to identify claimed victims of erotic harassment or use.

The complaint states that Ivie and Lee realized or will need to have renowned that the accusations of sexual harassment are fake, knowning that the staff member which filed the harassment grievance accomplished therefore for a€?malicious and incorrect purposes, including however restricted to retaliation, leverage to prevent termination, and/or control to force money with Utah region when this gal am fired from this lady task.a€?

Andrew Morse, employing the firm snowfall, Christensen and Martineau, represents Ivie and Lee in case that. Morse has already complete considerable study in the event this past year as soon as Graves first of all registered a notice of state resistant to the county in April 2018. That study, Morse said, figured that Gravesa€™ claims have zero quality.

Morse believed the guy plans to report a movement to write off Gravesa€™ situation on wednesday.

a€?Each of (Gravesa€™) states tend to be meritless,a€? Morse claimed.

The criticism promises the person who registered the condition would be concerned that Gravesa€™ searching privatizing several county departments just might be a risk to the work, hence Graves got publicly stated with other people that when they are their decision he’d eliminate that employeea€™s business by using the district.

a€?(The staff member) acted with malice in asserting incorrect accusations against Graves,a€? the gripe claims.

The ailment continues on to declare that Ivie and Lee would not like Graves, and wanted to determine a way to remove him or her from office, acting with malice once they posted the a€?false commentsa€? against Graves.

The frequent Herald requested the intimate harassment criticism against Graves through a public records inquire in 2017, which Ivie and Lee approved in an appeals reading on Dec. 6, 2017. The commissioners in addition launched a redacted investigative report inside count the very next day, which wouldn’t pick evidence of sex-related harassment, but did claim a€?Based on records from almost all of the witnesses, that (Graves) is definitely extensively seen as a company a€?bully,a€™ a€?dishonest,a€™ a€?demeaning,a€™ a€?intimidating,a€™ a€?threatening,a€™ a€?explosive,a€™ and an individual with whom individual relationship might be avoided if you can.a€?

Shortly soon after that learning, Ivie determined Graves in a facebook or twitter posting, calling for their instant surrender. The phone call for resignation was as well as Lee, the Utah region Republican gathering, several condition legislators, U.S. Rep. John Curtis, and others. Inspite of the requires resignation, Graves stayed in company through to the terminate of 2018, when his or her words naturally concluded.

The condition says Ivie and Lee circulated the sexual harassment ailment into mass media without publishing the document when it comes to a€?purpose of portraying Graves in an incorrect lamp as a sexual harasser to malign him from inside the open public eye and scratches their profile.a€?

That is why, the complaint states Graves received economic and non-economic damage as a result of the a€?false assertions created and/or printed through defendants.a€? Gravesa€™ marriage had been negatively affected, the problem says, great youngsters comprise bullied at school. Graves, who was simply a high university referee part-time, says a number of open colleges questioned that Graves not be able to referee the company’s sporting events.

He also states that a result of focus of being falsely implicated, the observable symptoms of a pre-existent upsetting head injury happened to be made worse.

Graves reports through the issue that his arguments with Lee and Ivie returned years, in addition to the additional commissioners had formerly accused your of a€?not acting like a conservativea€? and threatening to force his own surrender.

Gravesa€™ says within the issue about the attempts of their man commissioners to a€?impugn the smoothness and trustworthiness of administrator Graves when you look at the open public eyea€? going amolatina search back to if Graves very first landed the Republican nomination for seat in 2014.

The gripe acknowledges that Graves ended up a debatable open number prior to the launch of the sex-related harassment condition. It records mass media policy of Graves getting an account on Ashley Madison, a business site that joins attached people looking to has matters.

a€?The defendants understood that lots of Utah region ingredients were predisposed to imagine Graves would sexually harass a member of staff because of the previous plans associated with the Ashley Madison tale,a€? the ailment mentioned.

In April 2018, Graves delivered a notice of say they Utah district, saying he previously been defamed, slandered and libeled by Ivie, Lee along with women state staff member whom submitted the erectile harassment receive. Utah region had the option to believe that claim and bargain funds with Graves, or refute it after which Graves may have one year to file case with the county.


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