The Babolat natural drive racket 2021 from prestigious Babolat brand name has had a powerful affect the playing tennis sector, particularly in technology implemented.

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The fresh Babolat natural Drive racket 2021 will be the racket i personally use these days. This racket was actually a surprise to any or all featuring its modern-day but simple style which makes it appear like a “low top quality” racket you the alternative, this racket will assist you to create a from this community twist and, best of all, you have wonderful striking energy because of the numerous revolutionary technologies included in the racket. On the whole, the newest sheer Drive has actually reinforced the reputation of the absolute Drive racket line … we inform you the reason why.

This range is much more linked to the fantastic American Andy Roddick, but these days, its more commonly noticed in the palms from the Italian Fabio Fognini, Garbine Muguruza, Karolina Pliskova and Julia Georges. This racket is well known for the highest levels of speed, angle as well as power, as the name indicates. Even though you think they in your hands, you can easily inform it’s prepared for easy energy and that is why this is the a lot of owned Babolat brand name tennis racket.

Babolat Pure Drive Better Features

Babolat Absolute Drive Racquets – Specifications

  • Manufactured from graphite to increase the resilience and get a finer stroke.
  • Uses FSI Technology to boost the sweet area and sensitize the results zone
  • They implements the “Woofer” program to improve the full time of effects using golf ball giving more electricity and ability to move.
  • The GT technologies allows to not ever drop power over the racket at effect using the tennis-ball.
  • Cortex are a system produced by Babolat that decreases the vibrations created when showing up in basketball, enhancing the “feel”.
  • Lightweight of 300 grms
  • 22-27 kilos of string stress include advised
Sheer Drive standards


The Babolat Pure Drive racket keeps its cool blue shade this energy it’s somewhat lighter. A couple of my teammates stated as to how great it seemed while another pal thought it seemed and felt like a plastic doll. Directly, Im somewhat perplexed. The design is very initial, but when you hold the racket within give it feels slightly like a child’s racket if you ask me.

3/5 – is pleasing to the eye, but feels a little cheap.

Control and experience

What’s brand-new for the 2021 edition of the Babolat natural Drive? They still have the GT , the FSI sequence pattern from past year’s product, the good news is they have furthermore launched things called Cortex absolute sense , and that is supposed to dampen the impulse and that I guess decrease the results with the rigid-frame. This results in a tremendously weak reaction and quite often you have got problem measuring the level from the hits and you’ve got to end right up increasing the spin to compensate for lack of reaction your frame gets on hits.

Brand new Babolat natural Drive racket isn’t a tremendously impressive racket assuming you like fall shots and baseball maneuvers, discover much better rackets like Wilson Blade 98.

2/5 – Excessive power to discover where the shots ‘re going.


As I said before, its clear the latest sheer Drive is focused on energy. it is practically ridiculous how smooth really attain electricity because of this racket. This is absolutely one particular fun aspect Foot Fetish dating app of playing with the sheer Drive. I felt like I could hit using my right-hand at skyrocket rates. I simply have to make sure I incorporate plenty of topspin therefore the baseball will drop in the end, if not, next byebye tennis ball. I became surprised at exactly how much enjoyable it had been playing using this in a non-competitive atmosphere.

However, easily happened to be to just take this racket to a contest i might be frightened that in stress issues this might lead me to go crazy and lose controls and that’s precisely what occurred. However, if it is possible to have the ability to funnel and controls the massive energy, the natural Drive could possibly be the best pal certainly.

Within my circumstances I don’t posses an excellent sequence on Drive but I’ve attempted the exact same racket along with other chain and it also’s an extravagance to experience similar to this. I would recommend the Hyper G string the absolute Drive.

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