How to uninstall Avast firewall through Vis or any additional operating system: To uninstall Avast anti anti-virus through Home windows Vista, you have to go to Start menu at the bottom left of your display and simply click Run. Then type “msconfig” and enter into. You have to enter in your Consumer Account Control (USC) security password in order to get the System Settings Utility. Click the Add button and then click OK. Now you will get a list of all the applications and providers that are currently installed on your computer. You must choose the programs that you want to uninstalled.

It is best to remove the antivirus software manually. This is due to Avast antivirus security software is a fully spyware computer software and if it isn’t removed completely, it will mess up your computer as well as your privacy. You have to go into the Start off menu at the very top right area of your pc and then just click Run. Type “msconfig” during a call and get into. You can also click “tpcut” if you would like to troubleshoot the Terminate and Take away Secure Browser buttons.

Now you have to click on the arrow on the top right of your browser and choose Change. Here you should click the “Uninstall” button and press the “Yes” to confirm that you really really want to disable the Avast Firewall. Then click “OK”. You can see that by disabling the Avast Firewall, you may remove every one of the viruses which can be installed within your computer, which usually includes the AVD program that you can’t set up anymore in the windows start off button.

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