You are likely to keep in mind style Jenny Shimizu bragging about bagging bisexual actor Angelina Jolie within Foxfire era


You could potentially don’t forget design Jenny Shimizu bragging about sacking bisexual actor Angelina Jolie within Foxfire days, even so the Oscar-winner seriously isn’t challenging A-lister Shimizu enjoys presumably romanced. Shimizu published within her memoir (via pinkish Intelligence) that this beav fundamentally acted as a top-secret buttocks call for Madonna for several years, while the Queen of Pop was in highly-publicized associations with guy. Shimizu even advertised Madge made use of the girl as a “intercourse slave.”

Shimizu apparently wasn’t Madge’s only same-sex partner. Madonna has also been linked to celebrity Sandra Bernhard and socialite Ingrid Casares. During a 1988 joint interview throughout the later part of the tv show with David Letterman, Bernhard assured the hold that this dish and Madonna slept together, though the celebrity later on refused they. Madonna’s blood brother, Christopher Ciccone, published through the regular send in 2008, that Madge met Casares in 1991 at her own New Year’s Eve celebration, understanding that the two gently connected for close to 15 years.

Richard Pryor

Richard Pryor said with his 1995 autobiography, Pryor beliefs because existence phrases, to having a two-week event with a transgender dude. “we never saved him or her a secret. My own best friend including, realized I was f**king a dude, and a speed dating in southern South Carolina drop-dead lovely one during that,” Pryor wrote. “we also said doing something various had been thrilling. But after 2 weeks to be gay, enough am adequate so I went back your as a h***y heterosexual.”

Though Quincy Jones claimed Pryor in addition received a sex-related commitment with Marlon Brando, Pryor’s loved one, storm, refused they. “father was without relations with Brando. There have been no travels to his or her to the south Pacific retreat, no flora or enjoy notes between. Not even a movie part. The reason this unexpected will need to move Daddy through Entertainment soil? I have found they boring and infuriating,” she composed on Twitter (via webpage Six). “My dad is most open along with his existence, so much in fact that news of his or her connection with a trans girl during the early seventies and eighties had not been really newsworthy nor significant. As youngsters we realized the girl, not as the trans individual in the household, however, the girl whom every person recognized. A whole lot recognition I did not see she is Trans until not too long ago.”

But delay: Pryor’s widow, Jennifer, assured TMZ that this lady hubby did go steady Brando, reasserting he ended up being open and unashamed of his bisexuality.

Carmen Electra

After their divorce proceedings from Dave Navarro in 2007, Carmen Electra is rumored as internet dating Joan Jett, which she satisfied when this bird acted in Jett’s “A.C.D.C.” sounds video clip in 2006. Electra taught direct sunlight (via online Spy), “i have got only a little lady break on Joan Jett since I was actually eight. Don’t forget videos wherein she comes out with a trench application on and she reveals the trench jacket and she is having on a bikini and she is rocking with a guitar? She is beautiful.” What’s more, witnesses told city the pair is noticed petting backstage at undoubtedly Jett’s gigs in March 2007.

Any time expected whether she and Electra comprise family or friends with pros, Jett instructed After Ellen, “we are buddies.”

In 2013, Electra mentioned backstage on Bethenny that this dish would legally get married a female, clarifying, “I do rely on equivalent right and I also would trust prefer. And I envision if you should undoubtedly find that admiration and warmth, i believe often a delightful things . therefore ladies, reach me personally right up!”

Kim Zolciak

This season, after doubt gossip of a hookup with feminine Disk Jockey Tracy kids, the actual Housewives of Atlanta superstar Kim Zolciak mentioned that this beav was, in reality, in a lezzie connection with all the spinner. “I don’t believe like has actually a gender. Need to should determine gay, bisexual or straight. I simply assume its way too much I think a€” a girl isn’t going to describe myself, nor really does a guy,” Zolciak taught lives & Fashion (via Fox Intelligence). “i am one scores of mom who have been in a gay or lesbian romance.” She put, “there are sparks, but [physically] it actually was a gradual situation. Tracy had the very first step. The 1st kiss is zealous and exciting.”

Alas, the romance don’t finally: Radar on line stated that younger left Zolciak only weekly after affirming the relationship, allegedly because Zolciak was actually two-timing together with her ex, gigantic Poppa.

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